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This game was created by Steve Slack at Inspirational Video Concepts in 1983 and was advertised in some magazines, but wasn’t uncovered by gaming collectors until 2007 at a garage sale. As the story goes, there were only 100 copies produced, but they were quickly lost with no idea what happened to them. There are only 2 copies that have surfaced. According the the advertisement, the game was supposed to come with a coloring book and an audio tape, but we have yet to see any of those items surface. In September 2012, the cartrridge sold for nearly $14,000 on eBay. Another copy showed up at Medium Bob’s Curioisity shop in Philadelphia and was later sold on GameGavel for $10,400. If a copy ever is sold with the coloring book and/or the audio cassette, I’m sure it could climb higher on this list.

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